If you are responsible for arranging a funeral your first contact will often be with a local Funeral Director.

The Funeral Director will accept much of the responsibility for organising the funeral and may offer you a booklet with issues to consider which you might find useful.

The Funeral Director will contact the minister you would like to take the funeral service or suggest an appropriate person if you are not sure who you want to lead the service.

If you would like our minister Rev Andrew Parker or Rev Keith Sandow  to take the funeral service, the Funeral Director will contact him on your behalf and arrange the time, day and place.

Sometimes when a person is ill they, or one of their family, may wish to contact Andrew or Keith  directly. They will always be pleased to visit those who are seriously ill and their families.

Keith & Andrew take funerals at all fourteen churches in our  partnership area and at the local crematoria. They will always visit those responsible for the funeral beforehand and help them create the funeral that seems appropriate

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