Faith in the Peak


I am pleased to be able to introduce myself as Deacon Lorraine Brown, The Peak Park Rural Development Enabler.

My role as Peak Park Rural Development Enabler (PPRDE) covers three districts, Manchester and Stockport, Sheffield and Nottingham and Derby.
I work with mainly small rural churches within the Peak Park. Together we explore “What does it mean to be church in this context” and from that exploration, we work out how as members of the church we can respond. It is an exciting role that can lead to new developments.

Here are just some of the projects I am currently working:

A small village church now has increasing numbers of youngsters through establishing Messy Church and is exploring setting up a group for the older children. Occasionally this all overflows into a family friendly Sunday too.

A little chapel that holds just 6 services a year is exploring ways of using its heritage as mission. We have formed a group of people to look at further development of the building, specifically in light of it being a high tourist area. We are doing this in partnership with the local parish church and with the local historical society.

A farmer, his family and friends are in the process of establishing a care farm as a specific outworking of their Christian faith. They wish to support young people who are facing difficulties in life. They will do this through farming and the natural environment.

The pilgrimage around Tissington village has proved to be popular with locals and tourists, individuals and groups. In order to explore its transferable nature, I have been working with a Deacon in Yorkshire and together we have written a pilgrimage for Malham Dale too. The pilgrimage booklet is available in Tissington Methodist Church or from and search Tissington Pilgrimage or by clicking on the book below.

I have been supporting a circuit undertaking a review to consider the impact and efficiency of being church in their circuit.

I am working with a small village, where the Methodist Chapel is now the only active Christian presence in the village, so we are reconsidering our calling to serve the village.

I meet with a group of ecumenical ministers within the Peak Park and together we learn about different examples of ecumenical working in rural areas across the country. Our aim is for information and discussion to inspire our work.

As you can see, it is quite a varied role, and exciting to see God at work in so many places too.

I would be delighted to meet with you, talk and worship with you, or even work with you. You can contact me on

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