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3gen event 2019

By Anne Le Blanc

Our trip to 3Generate

We set off on the 20th Nov at 6pm, that’s the 9 young people plus Andrew and myself, on our way to our first ever 3Generate weekend. This was going to take place at Pontins at Southport and there was going to be 1000 plus young people attending aged 8 to 23 year olds. This years theme was ‘Where is God in my story’. 

The young people who came included Henry, Jacob, Sean, Charlotte, Emily, Jasmine, Faye and Isabel who all seemed very excited about the weekend away.

We arrived safely and after picking up our wristbands, goody box and checking out our chalets we were off exploring.

The whole idea of 3Generate is it to be a weekend for the young people, led by young        people .They  were encouraged to voice their concerns, their views and their fears and hopes for the future and this would be relayed back to The Methodist HQ and their own Churches so their voices could be heard. This was a weekend for young people with a chance to talk to other young     people about their Christian faith and the journey they are on.

The days consisted of mealtimes, worship time, various activities throughout the day and evening and then finishing the day of back  at my chalet for hot chocolate and snacks. This was the time we talked about what we had been up to and finding out what they  would be doing the next day.

Activities were very varied from learning new crafts like body  marbling or woodwork, physical activities including mountain bike   riding or wall climbing, to listening to talks from different  organisations to watching dances or listening to singers.  All these had Christian input mainly through testaments. 

There were workshops to attend with titles like ‘celebrate Christ in all we do’, big bible goes active’, ‘think tank problem solving’ to ‘who do you think you are ‘ to name but a few.

And what was the response from the young people about the  weekend:

‘We got to know God better’, ‘it was pretty cool’, the dancers didn’t look like Christians and they told us what they believed in’,    ‘l liked listening to new songs’, ‘ the rapper had a good message about life and how we experience bad to good things’, it was a good experience being around other young Christians’, ‘ it was fun’.

And to the question where is God in my life? We had comments like ‘God is in my family and friends’, He has been there in the past when I was going through a bad time’ to ‘when I am happy’.

And would they want to attend 3Generate again was a big   astounding YES, so looks like we will be heading to N.E.C. Birmingham at the end of October this year then. What a great opportunity for our young people but Indoor camping ..  the mind boggles!!!

High Peak Partnership. All Welcome
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